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Our priority: access to justice


Arbitration Montreal was born out of the realisation that, in Quebec, having access to justice has become increasingly difficult for thousands of citizens and businesses. The procedures are cumbersome and complex, the costs are high, but most of all, the delays are extremely long.

This is what motivated Me Alexandre Michaud to offer an affordable, fast and final formula to litigants. A graduate in civil law and common law from McGill University (BCL / LL.B., 2015) with a concentration in Business Negotiation and Dispute Resolution, and a member of the Quebec Bar, his passion for entrepreneurship quickly led him to make the jump into business. Shortly after articling at a major Montreal law firm specializing in intellectual property and corporate law, he founded his first  startup  in finance, which soon became quite successful.

With his legal training, combined with his practical experience in the business world, Alexandre Michaud is in a particularly good position to arbitrate commercial disputes between small and medium-sized companies. A good listener with a rare conciliator talent, he will guide you, earn your trust and give you satisfaction.

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