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Settle your disputes with arbitration

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The cumbersome and complex procedures, the huge costs and especially the extremely long waiting times prevent the Quebec justice system from playing its role for thousands of citizens and businesses. That's why Arbitration Montreal offers you an effective formula tailored to your needs.

Arbitration is a private tribunal that provides a fast and affordable alternative to ordinary court litigation. The parties agree to submit their dispute to an arbitrator, whose decision will be final and without appeal. 

While waiting times to be heard by a judge normally range from 12 to 18 months, Arbitration Montreal could settle your dispute definitively in as little as 12 to 18 days.

The arbitration award has the same value as a judgment of the Court, and may even be homologated if necessary to facilitate its execution. It is therefore a powerful tool to put an end to your dispute once and for all!

Arbitration can generally replace a trial in the Superior Court, the Court of Quebec, its Small Claims Division, or the Régie du Logement. Its advantages are numerous: a simplified procedure adapted to the needs of each case, a decision rendered very quickly and at a low cost, confidentiality of the whole process. In addition, there is no maximum to the amount that a litigant can claim during an arbitration, in contrast to the Small Claims Division, where the ceiling is set at $ 15,000. Finally, Arbitration Montreal can also act, if required, as a sequestrator during the trial, which guarantees a swift and automatic execution of the arbitration award!

The accessible concept of Arbitration Montreal

Arbitration Montreal offers a flexible and affordable formula to resolve your disputes as quickly as possible. Similarly to what already exists in Small Claims Court, the parties represent themselves and grant the arbitrator a great deal of leeway in the conduct of the trial. This will save you a lot of money because you will not have to pay court fees, and instead of having to pay a lawyer each to represent you, you and your opponent will share the arbitrator's fees equally. Arbitration Montreal is very sensitive to the sometimes tight budgets of its clients, and does everything in its power to minimize the costs of the lawsuit. In particular, you will have access to online tools allowing you to do a portion or the work that a lawyer would normally bill you for.


A confidential process

Flexible hours

A judgment of the Court will be public, and could therefore negatively affect your reputation, including your credit rating ! Arbitration is, on the contrary, entirely confidential.

At Arbitration Montreal, we understand that you are busy during office hours. That's why we offer flexible and accomodating schedules for your trial, including evenings and weekends! Furthermore, Arbitration Montreal offers you the possibility of performing your audience remotely through video conference!

Ready to start?

You can already provide for the use of arbitration in all your contracts! All you have to do is insert an arbitration clause therein, which will make arbitration mandatory between your co-contractors and yourself in the event of a future disagreement. If a dispute does arise, all you'll have to do is send an arbitration notice to your opponent to automatically start the process. Arbitration Montreal offers you an  example of an arbitration clause that you can use in your contracts.

If you already have a dispute to settle but have no arbitration clause, you can also sign an arbitration agreement with your opponent. Reach out to us using the contact information or form below to start the process. We will get back to you as soon as possible and provide you with an arbitration agreement to sign to begin the process and resolve your dispute as soon as possible!

I want to use arbitration!

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