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Privacy Policy

The company Arbitration Montréal inc. (hereinafter "Arbitration Montreal") operates the website (hereinafter the "Site"). This Privacy Policy (hereinafter the "Policy") details how Arbitration Montreal collects, uses or discloses information about you and your business (including personal information), whether obtained through the Site, through your interactions with Arbitration Montreal or through social media. Arbitration Montreal also complies with the principles of the Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information provided for in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. It is your responsibility to read this Policy before sending Arbitration Montreal information about you or your company.



The Policy is a contract between Arbitration Montreal and you. Providing information to Arbitration Montreal is a tacit acceptance of how Arbitration Montreal collects, uses and discloses this information. If you do not agree with the manner in which Arbitration Montreal collects, uses and discloses this information, please do not share this information with Arbitration Montreal.

By visiting or using the Site, you also agree to abide by the Site's Terms of Use (hereinafter the "Terms of Use").

You acknowledge that the Policy and the Terms of Use constitute one and the same contract and document between Arbitration Montreal and you.



Arbitration Montreal collects information about you and your business in the course of its business activities, including to:

  1. allow the assessment of your application for the purpose of arbitration or escrow payment;

  2. assemble a file on your business or yourself to serve you better;

  3. allow the creation of a page dedicated to you on the Site;

  4. contact you easily and follow up on your arbitration or escrow payment file;

  5. comply with the laws and regulations in force, and avoid being a victim or accomplice of illegal or criminal acts;

  6. allow you to ask questions, make comments or make complaints about Arbitration Montreal's services;

  7. create user profiles and generate statistics;

  8. design and implement advertising campaigns in accordance with applicable legislation.




In order to process your request for services, Arbitration Montreal must obtain from you the following information:

  1. Your title, surname and first name;

  2. Your function within your company, if any;

  3. Your email address (personal and / or professional)

  4. Your telephone number (personal and / or professional)

  5. The name, legal form and NEQ of your business, if any;

  6. Proof of your identity;

  7. The details of your dispute, or of the transaction requiring an escrow payment;

  8. The contact information of the other party;

  9. The way you have heard about Arbitration Montreal.


In order to better evaluate your file, Arbitration Montreal may also ask you additional questions about you or your company, the dispute you propose to submit to arbitration, the transaction that requires an escrow payment, etc.


Any phone call between Arbitration Montreal and you could be recorded.



Financial information will be required of you to process payments of your claim or debt, as the case may be. This information is used and stored with diligence and confidentiality.



Arbitration Montreal may collect information about your business and about you through your interactions on the Site, when completing forms, during any communication between Arbitration Montreal and you, or through our presence on social media.



Arbitration Montreal will keep the information collected about your business and about yourself for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes set out above. This information may be kept for a reasonable period of time beyond your business relationship with Arbitration Montreal, in order to facilitate a possible resumption of this relationship. Similarly, Arbitration Montreal may be required to keep certain information for a longer period to comply with applicable laws and regulations. In all cases, access to the information collected by Arbitration Montreal remains restricted, so that it may only be used for the purposes pursued by Arbitration Montreal or provided for by applicable legislation.



Arbitration Montreal uses the services of Google Analytics to better understand how its different marketing channels interact, in order to optimize the Site and improve its promotional strategies.

For more information on how Google Analytics collects your information and its privacy and security principles, please visit the Google Analytics site: = en.



Subject to the terms hereof, Arbitration Montreal will not communicate or market the information collected about you or your company without your consent. However, Arbitration Montreal may disclose such information to third parties for the purposes set out above, to the extent that such information is necessary for such purposes and disclosed for that purpose only.



If you wish to view, modify or delete the information Arbitrage Montréal has about you or your company, please request it via the contact form on the Site.




Arbitration Montréal undertakes to make reasonable efforts to protect the confidentiality of the information it holds about you or your company and your transactions. This information is kept in a secure environment and anyone who works on behalf of Arbitration Montreal and has access to this information is required to respect this confidentiality. However, no security measure is perfect, and some risk is always present when information is stored or transmitted over the Internet. For this reason, Arbitration Montreal makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding the maintenance of the security of the Site or the confidentiality of the information held about you or your company.



Arbitration Montreal is present on certain social media in order to foster contact with its target audience. Such platforms, which are managed by third parties, include Facebook and LinkedIn. Arbitration Montreal has no control over these platforms. By interacting with Arbitration Montreal on social media, you may reveal information about yourself or your company to Arbitration Montreal.

Arbitration Montreal's social media activity consists primarily of publishing posts that may be of interest to you. You may be able to respond to these posts, comment on them, and share them with your network of contacts. In doing so, information about you or your company may become visible to Arbitration Montreal, based on your own privacy settings on these social media platforms. If you do not wish this information to reach Arbitration Montreal, you are free to not maintain a presence on social media, to not interact with Arbitration Montreal on social media and not to comment, share or react to any of Arbitration Montreal's publications.

Arbitration Montreal may collect non-identifiable information about the activities of its pages and accounts on social media. This information is password protected and accessible only to those concerned within Arbitration Montreal.

For more information, please refer to the privacy policy of Facebook, available at well as that of LinkedIn, available at .



This Policy is originally drafted in French, and in case of disparity between this version and the French version thereof, the latter must prevail.

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