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The arbitration clause

You can already provide for the use of arbitration in all your contracts! All you have to do is insert therein an arbitration clause, which will make arbitration mandatory between your co-contractors and yourself in the event of future disagreement. If a dispute does arise, all you'll have to do is send an arbitration notice to your opponent to automatically start the process. Here is an example of a stipulation that you can use:


The Parties agree that any dispute or disagreement relating to this contract or resulting from its interpretation or application will be settled definitively by arbitration and excluding the ordinary courts, according to the laws of Quebec. The arbitration will take place in Montreal under the aegis of a single arbitrator and will be conducted in accordance with the rules of law and the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure of Quebec in force at the time of this dispute or disagreement. The Parties entrust Arbitration Montréal Inc., subject to its acceptance, with the appointment of this arbitrator from amongst the members of its personnel. During this arbitration, the Parties will represent themselves, and will give the arbitrator as much leeway as possible in the conduct of the trial and the choice of the procedure to be applied. The Parties and the arbitrator shall maintain the confidentiality of the entire process and of the decision rendered. The losing Party, as the case may be, shall assume all the fees and disbursements of the arbitrator and the compensation of any witnesses and experts. The arbitration award shall be binding on the parties and shall be final, enforceable and without appeal. The Parties declare that they have read the Arbitration Agreement governing the relationship between Arbitration Montréal inc. and its clients, which can be amended from time to time by Arbitration Montréal inc., available at the following address: < >, which will be deemed binding on them as of the reception of an arbitration notice.

You may also download a printable version of this clause in Word format or PDF format, which you can then easily annex to an existing contract as a schedule.

If you already have a dispute to settle but have no arbitration clause, you can also sign an arbitration agreement with your opponent. Reach out to us using the contact information or form below to start the process. We will get back to you as soon as possible and provide you with an arbitration agreement to sign to begin the process and resolve your dispute as soon as possible!

I want to use arbitration!

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